Use of OpenAthens

What is OpenAthens

OpenAthens is a remote access service that allows DLSMHSI members to access the Library’s subscribed resources, such as electronic books, electronic journals, videos, images, multimedia, and evidence-based content anytime, anywhere using single sign on.

OpenAthens provides the following advantages:

  • Single sign on using one set of username and password to log in once for the entire session, allowing you to seamlessly access content across different platforms
  • Search and access resources anytime, anywhere
  • Integrated in learning management systems
  • Secured connection and account privacy

Using OpenAthens

  • For students and faculty, your Microsoft Office 365 username and password is also your OpenAthens username and password. If you encounter problems in your Microsoft Office 365 or if you wish to reset your Microsoft Office 365 password, please contact the Information and Communication Technology at ict.tsu@dlsmhsi.edu.ph.
  • For interns, residents, and other DLSMHSI members, please contact the Library to request your OpenAthens account.