Academics holds its General Assembly for SY 2018-2019

September 25, 2018 | 4:09 pm

20/20 Vision unveiled during the State of the Academics Address 2018

The Academics General Assembly was held on September 4, 2018, 1:00pm-5:00pm at DLS Villarosa Convention Hall. Administrators, Faculty Members, Academic Support Personnel (ASP), Academics Non-Teaching Personnel (NTP), Institutional Student Council (ISC) and DLSMHI students attended the event, where Vice Chancellor for Academics Dr. Juanito O. Cabanias delivered the State of the Academics Address.

Dr. Cabanias presented the strategic thrusts of the Academics for SY 2018-2019 with the theme 20/20 Vision: Clear, Conspicuous, Transparent and Visible and highlighted the five (5) priority strategies, namely:

  • Institutional Sustainability and Assessment Certification
  • Upgrading of Educational Technology, Facilities and Equipment to Optimize Student Learning
  • Faculty, ASP and NTP Development Programs and Research Involvement
  • Stability during Kto12 Transition Gap
  • Partnerships and Collaborations

The theme fittingly described how Academics intends to produce outcomes that clearly represent the targets it aims to achieve. It provided a guidance for Colleges and Departments to focus on achieving their respective goals anchored on the Academics’ thrust.

The Recognition Ceremonies was also held to honor and appreciate the service and accomplishments of the past Administrators, Faculty Members, ASP, Academics NTP, ISC, and students.

Juanito O. Cabanias, LPT, MAE, PhD
Faculty DLSMSHSI Recognition Faculty Members Recognition
Photos by Eman Camuen and Shangrilo Samonte.

DLSMHSI’s Students climb to its highest figure  

DLSMHSI posted a record-high enrolment figure of 4,647 in SY 2018-2019, the highest in its history. This is a 13.65% increase compared with last school year’s data and a welcome news despite the setbacks experienced during the Kto12 transition.

Number of enrolees during 1st term
Number of enrolees during 1st term, SY 2010-2011 to SY 2018-2019. Data from The Registrar.

According to the Registrar Dr. Naomi M. de Aro, the rise was due to the end of the 2-year transition period where new students were admitted for both Grade 11 and undergraduate programs as well as the increase in the number of sections for first year per program.

In addition, the Academics was able to turn the challenges brought by the curriculum change into opportunities, not only to reach the admission quota, but to provide quality medicine and allied health education that will be the choice of prospective students and parents. New programs were offered, such as the Special Health Sciences Senior High School Program; marketing efforts were vigorously done and innovations were made, like the offsite DLSMHSI Entrance Examination; creative initiatives were spearheaded to develop the quality of Lasallian graduates produced, including the Licensure Examination Review Programs; and a range of services were optimized to support learning, such as information, technology and infrastructure.

Newly appointed and promoted Faculty, ASP and NTP from Academics 

The following Faculty Members, Academic Support Personnel and Non-Teaching Personnel have been appointed and/or promoted from the Academics in SY 2018-2019:

College of Medicine
Lorenzo Alvin T. Capio, PhD,
Concurrent Chair, Department of Bioethics

Melchor Victor G. Frias IV, MD, FPPS, MScE
Chair, Department of Clinical Epidemiology

Oscar Ferdinand D. Feliciano, MD, FPCP, FPCCP
Chair, Department of Internal Medicine

Floriza C. Salvador, MD
Chair, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Joven Amor T. Mostajo, Jr., MD
Chair, Year Level I

Ma. Ruzena D. Opulencia, MD, FPOGS, FPSUOG, FPCS
Chair, Year Level IV

Warren M. Roraldo, MD, MHPEd
Program Director, Graduate Studies & Innovative Programs

College of Medical Imaging and Therapy
Jocelyn C. Tolin, RRT, MAEd
Vice Dean

Lowela M. Alindayu, RRT, MAEd
Program Director, Department of Radiologic Technology

Adriano M. Herrera, RRT, MAEd
Vice Chair, Clinical Education (Radiologic Technology)

College of Humanities and Sciences
Llyrha Mae Maghari-Capio, RMT, MSc, PhD
Vice Dean

Tabitha L. Amora, RCh, PhD
Program Director, Department of Chemistry

Margel C. Bonifacio, RCh, MSc, PhD
Chair, Professional Education- Biochemistry

Ma. Teresa A. Sigua, MA
Chair, General Education Department

Josephine G. Vigilia, LPT, PhD
Vice Chair, Integrated Humanities

May Veluz G. Salansang, LPT, MS
Vice Chair, Integrated Sciences

Engr. Eduardo B. Tibayan Jr., MSc, PhD
Concurrent Chair, Special Programs

College of Nursing
Monina G. Dimas, RN, MAN
Vice Dean

Ma. Lovella M. Aure, RN, MAN
Chair, Year Level Level I

College of Rehabilitation Sciences
Reynaldo G. Cruz, PTRP, MSPT, DPT
PT Program Director

Pethuel M. Pomaloy , PTRP
PT Chair, Professional Education

Ma. Crisselda B. Ilagan, PTRP, MSPT
PT Chair, Clinical Education

Maria Luisa S. Valenzuela, OTRP, MASPEd
OT Program Director

Bernard John M. Red, OTRP
OT Chair, Pre-Professional Education

Odeth Leosala, OTRP
OT Chair, Professional Education

Kathy B. Reyes, CSP-PASP, MSSLP
SLP Program Director

Larissa Christia P. Adique, CSP-PASP
SLP Chair, Pre-Professional Education

Christine Medina-Chin, CSP, PASP
SLP Chair, Professional Education

Floyd Robin M. Puno, PTRP
Chair, Special Programs

College of Medical Laboratory Science
Jomel B. Vasquez, RMT, MSMT
Vice Dean

Joseph B. Ancla, RMT
Chair, Professional Education Year Level 1

Ma. Gladys B. Aquino, RMT, MPH
Chair, Professional Education Year Level 4

College of Pharmacy
Sigfredo B. Mata, RPh
Vice Dean

Louie Fernand D. Legaspi
Chair, Department of Clinical/Practical Training & Internship

The Student Affairs
Mae Ann T. Bobadilla, LPT, MAT
Chair, Minority & Multicultural Department

Jose Antonio P. Amistad, MD, FPSA
Concurrent Chair, Health and Safety Department

Jion P. Dimson, RMT
Chair, Student Development & Activities Department

Ma. Annalyn B. Ferma
Head, International Student Relations Department

Joseph P. Bendo, MSc
Vice Chair, Student Life

Jose Royce P. Aledia, RGC
Vice Chair, Student Success

Romeo P. Ariniego, MD Library
Zipporah M. Dery, RL, MLIS
Manager, Academic Resources and Creative Activities

Raquel P. Samar, RL, MLIS
Manager, Collections Development and Access

The Registrar
Jeffrey O. Austria
Manager, Enrollment and Special Operations

Miriam A. Gallardo
Manager, Liaison and External Relations

Marian L. Viñegas
Manager, Records and Evaluation

Chrystal Hope Bendian
Head, Records Verification

Center for Innovative Education and Technology Integration
Rosemarie C. Mercado, LPT
Chair, Learning Objects Development and Training

Shirley A. Terencio, RN, MAN, PhD
Chair, Continuing Professional Education

Joshiko Velasco
Head, Virtual Learning Environment

Academic Quality Management
Nancy D. De Los Santos, RN, MAN
Chair, Policies and Standards

Janice T. Ilano, LPT, MA
Chair, Review and Enhancement

Comprehensive Community Health Training Program
Jose Marcelo K. Madlansacay, MDC
Chair, Community Health Development and Integrated Immersion Programs

Prof. Victoria C. Calitis, RM, MASD
Chair, Community Oriented Projects, Extension Services and Linkages

Lasallian Admission and Scholarship Opportunities
Emanuel Mat Cholo M. Ilagan
Manager, Admission and Scholarships

PJ F. Campaña
Head, Admissions

Marian Wendy A. Acol
Head, Scholarships

Special Health Sciences Senior High School
Jose S. Destura, Jr., LPT, MA
Assistant Director

Marc Jeffrey Sioco
Chair, Year Level 11

Irma Peñalba, LPT, MA
Chair, Year Level 12

Nancy L. Mendoza, LPT, RN
Chair, Health Sciences Track

Audio-Visual Services in Focus 

Effective SY 2018-2019, the Audio-Visual (AV) Services of the Academics are now centralized under the Romeo P. Ariniego, MD Library to streamline the delivery of efficient AV support to Academic Colleges and Departments. Other De La Salle Philippines schools observe a similar structure where media services are part of the Library, such as the DLSU Manila and DLS-College of St. Benilde.

The priority task of the AV Services is to provide assistance in the installation, set-up, use and maintenance of AV equipment inside the classrooms during class hours. Audio-visual equipment include physical objects used for listening, viewing or projecting purposes such as sound system, speaker, microphone, camera, projector and projector screen. Multimedia Technicians ensure that the AV equipment are ready for use before the start of each class and turns them off after the last class of the day. They rove around their designated classrooms to check if the AV equipment inside the classroom are working properly or if assistance is needed to operate the AV equipment in between classes.

Audio-Visual Services also provide AV assistance to academic activities in venues other than classrooms and outside of regular classes, photography, videography and lending of AV equipment upon reservation.

The Audio-Visual Services Manual of Operations was approved during the Academic Operations Committee Meeting on September 13, 2018. This document shall be used to guide the management, delivery and assessment of the AV services effective September 24, 2018. The Electronic Resources Services (ext. 1274) and the Academic Resources and Creative Activities (ext. 1525) may be contacted for queries about the AV services, for request for AV assistance in classrooms and for feedback about the AV services received.


A-Team notes of the following error in the last sentence of the article “DLSMHSI graduates shine in the licensure examinations” published on August 2018 issue: “radiation technologists” should read as “radiologic technologists.” We apologize for the error.