Dr. Romeo P. Ariniego is now an AFSC

March 28, 2019 | 2:09 pm


This is how we should start calling our beloved Dr. RA for he is now officially a Brother following the affiliation ceremonies held on February 10 where the De La Salle Brothers presented the Letters of Affiliation from the Superior General of the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools (De La Salle Brothers). So officially, Dr. RA is now Romeo Ariniego, MD, AFSC.

Present during the presentation ceremonies at the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary Chapel were Dr. BRomeo’s new community of Brothers from De La Salle Philippines and the Lasallian East Asia District.

During the ceremony, Lasallian East Asia District Auxiliary Visitor for Philippines Br. Jose Mari Jimenez FSC, said that this affiliation recognizes the life of Dr. Ariniego as a passionate doctor and a generous benefactor.

“Dr. RA, thank you for caring deeply for the Brothers. The attention and care you show when you are visiting heal just as much as the medication prescribed. We know in your own way you share your passion in educating young people especially those who are in need. Thank you for the many scholars you supported and encouraged to be successful. Today you are not only our Doctor but also our Brother. As our Brother, we invite you to live the spirit of poverty when you show a special sense of responsibility to the needs of the poor. We invite you to live the spirit of the vow of chastity when you choose love to be the foundation of your actions and decision towards others. We invite you to live the spirit of our vow of obedience. Dr. RA, please obey your doctors and follow them. Let them take care of you in the same professional and caring way that you have been taking care of them,” said Br. JJ.

Dr. BRomeo received the letters of affiliation, a St. Miguel Febres Cordero medallion, the New Testament, a crucifix, a 6-decade rosary and a St. John Baptist de La Salle bronze keychain from the Brothers in Rome. Most importantly, the new Brother received the traditional accolade from his Brothers.

On behalf of Dr. RA, Dr. Dina Gonzales shared that Dr. RA is deeply touched by this honor and privilege given by the De La Salle Brothers and that for everything he did for La Salle, he did not expect anything in return. In a response read by Dr. Gonzales, Dr. RA wrote “I thank all the De La Salle Brothers for treating me an affiliate long before this ceremony. I felt your gratitude all the times when I have something to give and share and now in my illness I experience your sincere love and concern for my welfare. That would be have been enough for me, but instead you have done beyond being generous and privileged me with the distinction of being an AFSC. Thank you for this honor. I hope such recognition will inspire other members of the Lasallian community to be generous in your support with various projects of the De La Salle Brothers and be dedicated Lasallian partners in continuing the mission of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.” Dr. Gonzales then revealed that Dr. RA prefers to be called BRomeo.

Dr. Ariniego is only the second member of the DLSMHSI community to be affiliated with the De La Salle Brothers. The first is Sr. Antoine Marie Villanueva SPC, AFSC.

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