CHED grants autonomous status to DLSMHSI

November 4, 2019 | 9:27 am

DLSMHSI is now an autonomous tertiary school.


The Commission on Higher Education, through CHED Memorandum Order No 12, series of 2019 has granted to DLSMHSI the coveted Autonomous status which entitles higher education institutions like DLMSHSI various authorities without need for prior approval from CHED.


According to CHED Guidelines, the Autonomous status is granted to higher education institutions (HEI) that “demonstrate instructional quality and enhancement through internal QA systems, and demonstrate excellent program outcomes through a high proportion of accredited programs, the presence of centers of Excellence and/or Development, and/or international certification.”


As an autonomous HEI, DLSMHSI now enjoys the following privileges, among others:

1. Exemption from issuance of Special Order (SO)
2. Grant an honorary degree to individuals based on CHED guidelines
3. Determine and prescribe curricular programs to achieve global competence
4. Offer extension classes to expand access to higher education
5. Establish linkages with recognized foreign HEIs
6. Offer new courses/programs in the undergraduate and graduate levels

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