Graduate Studies in Medical and Health Sciences

The Graduate Studies in Medical and Health Sciences is committed to produce graduates with high level of expertise in their field as an expression of faith to human needs.

The Master of Arts in Nursing Program of DLSMHSI prepares qualified nurses for competent nursing specialization, leadership and research leading to any of the ff. major tracks:

1. Medical-Surgical Nursing
2. Maternal and Child Nursing

The MAN degree requires completion of a total of 42 units – 15 units of which for basic courses, 12 units for major courses, 6 units for elective / cognate courses, 3 units of seminar in their writing and 6 units of thesis writing. A full time MA student can enroll a maximum of 9 units per semester and is expected to complete the 12 units for a maximum of 7 years, including comprehensive, examination, and thesis writing.

The Master in Public Health program of DLSMHSI aims to develop advanced professional competencies among students who intend to pursue career in public health practice, management and/or research. It offers cutting-edge and integrative contents on broad public health concerns as well as various areas of public health such as social and behavioral science, leadership and governance, and environmental health sciences. In the development of the curriculum for this MPH program, two relevant competency frameworks were adopted such as the of Master of Public Health Competencies developed by the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH, 2006) in the US and the Foundation Competencies for MPH graduates in Australia (Genat, Robinson and Parker 2009).