To facilitate a systematic process, the IEA identified four (4) phases for the academic affiliations and engagements assistance process as discussed below:

  1. Preparatory Phase
    • Involves the exploratory research and matching of the proposed academic linkages.
    • Involves the drafting of contract including the roles and responsibilities of the parties, terms and conditions, fees, effectivity, and termination.
    • Involves the review of the contract by both the proponent and the partner.
    • Involves the content and technical review of the CIAAE, review by the legal counsel, and review and recommending approval of the Institutional Contract Review Committee (ICRC).
  1. Formalization Phase
  • Involves the signing of the contract either manually or electronically.
  • Involves the notarization of the contract, if necessary.
  • Involves the Apostille authentication of the documents, if necessary, especially with international partners.
  1. Implementation Phase
  • Involves the implementation and documentation of the programs and activities governed by the MOA/ MOU/COA.
  1. Evaluation Phase
  • Involves the assessment of the academic linkage and its renewal or termination.
  • Involves amendment of the contract, if applicable.